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Discover “LEAN JX: Job-Centered Design” – Dive into the Agile UX World

In the ever-evolving world of service design and user experience (UX), it’s crucial to stay at the forefront of methodologies and approaches to meet the ever-changing needs of users. With this goal in mind, I’ve written “LEAN JX: Job-Centered Design.” This book explores the principles of Lean Job Experience (JX) and their application in Business-to-Employee (BtoE) projects using agile methods, including Scrum. Whether you’re a UX professional looking for practical ways to enhance your design skills or simply curious about how to create user experiences, even with limited resources, this book is for you.

The Genesis of Lean JX

In this introductory chapter, I share my personal journey that led me to develop the concept of Lean Job Experience (JX). You will discover why I chose to focus on this job-centered approach and how it fits into the UX landscape.

Understanding Jobs to Be Done

The core of Lean JX lies in understanding users’ “Jobs to be Done.” This chapter delves deep into the different types of jobs—functional, emotional, and social—and how they influence service design.

Integration into Agile Projects

One of the strengths of Lean JX is its ability to integrate into Agile projects. In this chapter, I guide you through rapid and efficient methods for capturing ideas and turning them into concrete solutions while maintaining an Agile pace.

Personas and Jobs

The convergence of personas and jobs is crucial in job-centered design. You’ll learn how these two concepts intertwine to create user-centered design.

A New World of Design

“LEAN JX: Job-Centered Design” is more than just a book; it’s a deep dive into the world of Agile UX. It will enable you to rethink your approach to service design, emphasizing the real needs of your users. Available in both French and English, it is designed to inspire and transform your way of designing user experiences. Join me in my journey toward user-centered design focused on real needs!

Lean JX A Job Centered Design (English version)

Lean JX Une Conception Centrée sur le Job (version Française)